Business Of The Week - Carpets Direct

When it comes to home improvement, there are few things as visible and frequently used as flooring. Choosing the right type of flooring for your home’s design and foot-traffic needs to be done right. Helping customers make the best decision for their home is a hallmark of Carpets Direct, our KFOR Business of the Week. 
Carpets Direct , located in the Sutter Place Mall at 48th and Highway 2, sells much more than the name implies. Dan Standeven and Chris Talbot, co-owners of Carpets Direct, know their clients want to choose from a variety of quality flooring options. Dan said they educate clients on the pros and cons of the products they sell, including “hardwood, solid vinyl plank, solid vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, ceramic tile, carpet, cork, hardwood, and various in-stock items that fall within those categories as well.”
Additionally, Dan said knowing a few things about the client’s wants and needs helps them find the perfect flooring option. How old is customer’s house? What kind of look are they going for? How much traffic do they have? “Questions like that will allow me to determine what is best as far product, but also the look they are trying to achieve at the same time,” Dan said.
Once the staff at Carpets Direct has an idea of what type of floor to recommend, they make sure the customer understands what they are purchasing.
“When you come into our store, we are going to educate you on what you are buying. We are not just order takers,” Dan said. “We will basically give you a Vinyl 101 class, a Carpet 101, a Hardwood 101, that is what we do.”

The next step is to help each customer pick the exact color and style needed. Dan said if a customer brings in couch cushion or paint swatch, Carpets Direct will help coordinate design aspects from their home. Or, if matching colors and patterns is a challenge, Carpets Direct has a full-time interior designer on staff to help you make the best decision for your remodeling project.

Prior to installation, Dan said Carpets Direct goes to the client’s home so they can provide a complimentary, itemized estimate. The outstanding customer service does not end when the installation is complete. Carpets Direct is proud to be the only flooring store in Lincoln to guarantee their labor for two years!

“Customers can be confident that if something is wrong, labor related, we take care of it,” Dan said. “There are a lot of stores out there that don’t guarantee their work as long as we do because the quality isn’t there.”

Product education, interior design, fair and exact pricing, expert installation, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau... All reasons to check out Carpets Direct, at 48th and Highway 2, this week's Business of the Week.

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